Escape room for your next teambuilding

Promote motivation, cohesion and harmony in the office

The secret of escape room team building events

This indoor event gets everyday work going with diverse, creative team games and promotes strategic thinking and team spirit.

Is your team currently in a low phase, is unmotivated and maybe has problems with strategic and creative thinking? If you really want to increase the self-confidence, activity and productivity of your team and create a positive working atmosphere, it is time to change something and use new methods. The Escape Room Teambuilding is perfect for this. The main goal is to create a fresh and relaxed working atmosphere and to mentally strengthen employees through team spirit in the company.

Creative thinking is the crucial skill to solve problems

Stuck thinking and the problem of not being able to think outside the box are more of a hindrance in an advanced company of the global age. The ideal opportunity to initiate change processes and to offer colleagues a change from everyday working life is therefore an extraordinary team event in the form of an escape room teambuilding game. The employees have to solve tricky puzzles together in order to escape from the room.

Escape Games promote team skills

  • Communication has top priority of course, in order to include ideas and suggestions from everyone involved and to find a way out of possible team conflicts together. If not all colleagues pull together, it can quickly happen that some employees do not understand key information correctly or not at all and thus individual strengths of the team members are lost. In an escape game, the participants are forced to listen carefully to each other, as otherwise some participants remain trapped in the escape room.
  • It is also essential to increase the team's self-esteem. The opinions and ideas of the calmer or more introverted colleagues are just as important on the way to solving the puzzle as those of the "Alpha Animals". Leadership skills, charisma and empathy are particularly in demand among self-confident employees, as it is their job to integrate all colleagues. Only then can team spirit and cohesion emerge and the solution to the puzzle.
  • Mutual respect and a cool head in the playfully simulated pressure situation will weld you together at this exciting teambuilding event. This emotional team training ensures adrenaline rush and agility. As it is well known, emotional experiences are firmly anchored in long-term memory. As a result, the positive emotions are transferred to the intra- and interpersonal team communication.
  • They encourage their team to think “out of the box”. Most everyday tasks are often repetitive and therefore there is a need to pull employees out of their daily boredom and put them in surreal situations. This will greatly promote corporate communication and teamwork. Escape games usually require the use of problem-solving skills and critical thinking.
  • The team will have the opportunity to break down several social barriers to have strong collaboration and possible friendship in the office.
  • Getting to know each other better: It was found that whenever teams are integrated into escape games, there are signs of a change in the dynamics of power. These games provide an opportunity to see the leading players and see who the real team players are and those with too much ego.
  • The teams usually get the chance to learn to communicate with each other and to rely on each other. When there is trust on the work floor, it increases the productivity of all employees. These games also promote and strengthen the bond between colleagues who find little time for human interaction in everyday work, as digitization is taking on these tasks more and more.

If you want to improve the efficiency of your team in a playful way, you should integrate the escape room games into your teambuilding sessions. This off-office adventure could be just what your team needs to improve communication and creative thinking. These escape room games have the ability to make your team more cooperative and efficient.

With the right spirit and a good mood, all of your colleagues have the opportunity to get to know each other and improve group dynamics and teamwork.

Are you convinced? Than gather your colleagues and take on the challenge!

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